Life in a fish tank (HLD 8)

30 March 2020

I’ve spent a good part of today in the sweat shop (the table I’ve set up with the sewing machine to do a bit of work). The sweat shop is very close to the fish tank, so in between a bit of swearing, unpicking, and some fine examples of half-arsed sewing skills, I’ve had time to sit and stare at the fish tank…

We have around 15 mollies (tropical fish), about three or four (they hide really well) algae eaters of various descriptions (although they have been known in our house forever as ‘scum suckers’), and some random aquatic snails that must have arrived in some of the plants, because we didn’t buy them. They swim comfortably in amongst the lovely plants that make the tank look like a rather pretty jungle. Their only known predator is a (almost) 16 month old by the name of George who has worked out what he needs to climb on to get his hand into the tank.

The fish don’t stop moving. You could make up a story about what they’re doing in there, but I really think their world revolves around food. They keep looking in all the nooks and crannies, just in case someone missed something edible.

They do notice things that are happening beyond their tank, but only really if it involves food. They even gather excitedly when George approaches the tank, until they realise that what he’s offering is not in their best interests.

Obviously there isn’t much else to do in the tank, and quite frankly eating and procreation seem to be the only things on their agenda each day.

They obviously don’t have a TV, or a Kindle, or a sewing machine, to keep them occupied.

Aren’t you lucky that you aren’t restricted to procreation and eating to see out your time in your personal tank???

Photo by Valeriia Miller on

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