Time (HLD 18)

9 April 2020

Today was a day to savour and honour those you love.

It was the day of the funeral of my brother-in-law (in our brave new world this meant a very intimate immediate family only gathering), and also another day where I got to spend time with my grandson.

The two worked so well side by side. Because my overwhelming thought for the day was – if Andrew could have had just one more minute, one more second, to spend time with his grandchildren, his kids, his wife and his family – how much would he have loved that time šŸ˜„

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has or will lose a loved one during this time of social distancing. Please know that the love you would have been faced with at a funeral is still there, just in a different sort of way.

And in other news, I had a wine delivery today. Easter in social isolation is sorted!

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