Specialty subjects (HLD 20)

11 April 2020

Our day today was bookended by events that have led my brain down today’s path….“what’s your specialty subject?”

(I don’t remember the name of the tv show that has people trying to win a quiz based on their specialty subjects, because remembering names of random tv shows is not my specialty subject. Just so you know.)

We began our day playing a game of Trivial Pursuit – the Harry Potter edition. And it is very very obvious to anyone who has to play this game against Josh that knowledge of Harry Potter books is definitely Josh’s specialty subject. I possibly would use him as my “phone a friend” also on the subject of Pokemon, if that issue ever arose.

And we ended the day by renting (so old school, I know!) the latest Star Wars movie. It brought to mind the people I know who are really, very very sadly, incredible Star Wards nerds. Sorry, that was rude. Weirdo’s. No hang on, I’ll get this right soon…. oh that’s right – Star Wars is their specialty subject.

What’s your specialty subject? What is the thing that people at quiz nights are surprised that you rather oddly know quite a lot about? Is it:

Melbourne Cup winners?

Oscar winners?

EPL champions?

English royalty?

Lyrics to all the songs in “The Sound of Music”?

Flow assurance? (Engineering not urology, in case you’re wondering)

Medical Physics?

Olympic Games?

Knowing populations of countries?

Names of roses?

Telephone numbers?

Popular music and artists in a particular decade?

Names of bones in the human body?

Fremantle Dockers player jumper numbers?

AFL grand finals?

Works of Shakespeare?

How to get your passion fruit vine to finally fruit?

US presidents?

Cricket stats?

Indoor cricket wicket keeping stats?*

I’d love to know what your specialty subject is – just in case one day I’m in a TV show whose title would still escape me, and I need to know the population of Lithuania to win a million dollars**

*They don’t keep indoor cricket wicket-keeping stats – just ask my son Ben and he will tell you all about it 🙂

** 2.8 million apparently.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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