Gratitude (HLD 21)

12 April 2020

What are you grateful for?

Essential workers who have to leave their homes and loved ones to keep the necessary parts of our lives working?

Being in a country that has so far not seen the worst of this virus? Or not having your own personal health impacted by it? (so far…)

Being in a time where we have methods of communication that make communication with our loved ones easy – even if they live a long way away? And that we have plentiful ways of curing our boredom at home? Television, computers, games, etc????

Having that comforting knowledge that we all, worldwide, truly are “all in this together”???

Grateful that this Easter while, admittedly your preplanned Easter activities are pushed to the side, at the very least there is still chocolate involved in your life?

I’m grateful for:

My family

My dog (yeh yeh – she’s part of my family, fair enough!)


That even though I have a teeny tiny garden, there is enough to do to keep me and any slaves I find lying around my house, busy for an entire day!

The internet. And phones, iPads and kindles.


Essential workers

Nonessential to most but essential to me workers (ie the coffee shop across the road)

Hot water – both in the ‘hot shower after gardening’ and the ‘making a cup of tea’ kind of way…


Oh – and red wine.

What are you grateful for?

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