Community (HLD 23)

14 April 2020

As I was walking the dog this morning alongside the Swan River, I started reflecting on ‘community’.

I walked past all the roped off children’s playground areas – surely the normal community gathering spot for all the stressed out and tired young parents. And their children, probably.

There were many many joggers and power walkers, and people doing exercisey type stuff, obviously missing their local gyms – the community of the like minded people I have never really understood. It’s not their fault by any means – I just don’t speak that language.

My mind wandered through all the other community type things that are currently closed due to the virus – swimming pools, libraries, playgroups, senior citizens groups, indoor sports centres, theatre groups, dancing groups, yoga groups, youth groups, churches, toy libraries etc etc.

So many places that so many people rely on to keep their brains and the rest of their bodies active, to give them the sense of belonging that we all, as humans, need.

How are people coping with this lack of community activities?

Joggers still run. Cyclists are still cycling. Exercisey type people are still doing exercisey type stuff. Parents with small very active children are still looking as worn out as they usually do.

There seem to be ways in which people can access some of the activities that the community groups have met, but do they still give the person that sense of community, of belonging???

I believe we are experiencing an unprecedented and unique form of community at the moment. People world wide are largely staying at home, to save the lives of people in their community. There is a common goal, a common sense of purpose, a common sense of gratitude towards the essential workers, a common frustration about being stuck indoors, and a common urge to find ways of communicating with our loved ones.

And if that’s not the best community group you’ve ever been a part of, I’ll be very surprised.

I’m off now to do some exercisey type of thing. Bicep curls while eating leftover Easter chocolate counts as exercise, right?

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