Time travel (HLD 34)

25 April 2020

I’ve been struggling with that damn overlocker again. Unthreaded again today after sewing beautifully for an hour and a half, and despite me doing exactly what I thought I’d done yesterday on the third attempt, the }#%*+*%#}]{#ing thing will not thread properly.

So I gave up and turned my hand to wood working instead, and I decided to make a magic wand, which is going to allow us to engage in a bit of time travel.

Where would you like to go???

History is one of my secret joys (damn! I’ve told you, so it’s not a secret anymore!!! Oh well….) and there’s a few things I’d like to have experienced.

Obviously I’d like to be around when they put Stonehenge together, so I finally work out whether it’s a seasonal calendar, an alien bus stop, or just a play pen for a giant baby. I’m getting better at building with blocks but don’t think I’d have been much use in the actual placement of the rocks. That, and I’m lazy.

Dinosaurs??? Would be interesting to see what the world looked like back then, but I really don’t like my chances of running fast enough to survive.

Middle Ages? I would love to see how people lived, what they ate, how they survived. A couple of things put me off this one – first and foremost would be the smell. I suspect our sensitive little noses would shrivel in the actuality of body odour, sewerage and bad breath.

Industrial revolution? Or any time when a particular invention (that we now know made a huge difference to people’s lives) was proposed. Electricity? Telephone? The wheel? Coffee machines?

Early medicine? Working out what’s inside a human body and trying to figure out how they work so that we could, ultimately, work out how to fix them? Avoiding leeches though, just because. And the old drilling holes in the skull. Won’t be putting my hand up for that therapy.

World Wars? Given that it’s Anzac Day for us at the moment, the thought of the world wars is particularly significant. The parents farewelling their children going off to war, unsure whether they would come back but full of hope and pride that they are fighting for their country against a common enemy. Who were also farewelling their children, going off to war to fight for their country. No winners there.

Ancient Egypt? Sit around in some shade and watch the pyramids get built?

Biblical times? Trying to score a lift on Noah’s Ark? Hanging around eating loaves and fishes and trying to hear the stories?

I think I’d like to have been around in the time of Henry VIII – I suspect I would have stood around watching his first wedding, saying “That won’t last…” in a superior manner.

Hanging around my ancestors would be a big hit for me, time travel wise 🙂 It would help my family tree research immensely if I could just pop back to the early 1800’s in Scotland and Ireland, for instance!

I think actually I’d just go back to the last time I gave my mum and my sister a hug, and I would have put a bit more effort into it knowing it’d be the last one for quite a while and that a lot of water might have flown under those bridges before the next hug.

Where would you like to go?

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