Freedom!!! Sort of…. (HLD 35)

26 April 2020

All hail the Messiah – in this case in the form of Mark McGowan, Premier of WA, who has given us all the news that gatherings can be expanded from two people up to 10. And that we are allowed to do this both indoors (normal distancing rules still apply everywhere, of course) and outdoors, from tomorrow.

A word of caution to those of you in my state – be very aware tomorrow on the massive traffic that will surge out of their homes tomorrow to head out to find some friends and start socialising.

There will be more picnics than we’ve seen since Australia Day, down by the river near me. I imagine beaches will be full of picnickers, Kings Park will be inundated, and any place out doors that could play host to a picnic of ten people gathering at least 1.5m apart, will do.

From before the sun creeps over the horizon, the cycling groups who have had to listen to the inane conversation of a solitary accomplice, will now be able to chatter about anything and everything with nine others, at the top of their lungs while hurtling down my street from 5.30am.

As soon as the places selling takeaway breakfast opens, there will be socially distant queues of people picking up their cappuccinos and breakfast rolls, heading to the park.

Footballs, soccer balls, volleyball sets will all be dragged out and aired. Picnic chairs will be loaded into cars, along with eskies filled with enough food and drinks to stay outdoors for as long as possible, with rosters formed for catching up a different group of friends at two hourly intervals.

Dog groups will be able to finally stand still in the park and talk to each other from a distance, rather than the ‘keep waking and with one other person only’ routine we’ve been adhering to.

Introverts will enjoy the peace and quiet of their houses finally having a bit of space in them….

Until someone with a cough dares to go outdoors and spreads something they shouldn’t. Then we will be back indoors for a bit longer.

But in the meantime – don’t get in my way tomorrow!!! I’m heading for the river with my takeaway coffee and inflatable kayak!!!!

(Apologies to those still stuck indoors. I promise you that one day you will experience this level of excitement).

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