Constipated (HLD 68)

29 May 2020

This was very nearly going to be the first day without a bit of diarrhoea in your lives.

My brain was constipated.

Normally stuff erupts from brain with the force and tenacity of Bali Belly (or Delhi Belly for the more adventurous travellers).

But today, the diarrhoea dried up. I was babysitting my grandson, so of course I asked his opinion about what to write about. His very helpful suggestion of “door”, I have put into my list of possible topics, but it just wasn’t working for me today.

But then I was reminded of a phone conversation I had with my mum the other day. Mum is at that age and stage of life when remembering stuff doesn’t always work. In fact it doesn’t work more often than it does work, so at least there’s a bit of consistency.

Mum has been to her regular quiz and crossword afternoon activity in the nursing home, and they had talked about palindrome sentences. Mum had difficulty remembering much of the discussion, but she did remember it was something about god. It frustrated her quite a bit, so I happily applied my advanced learning methods to assist her in her mental constipation.

Obviously I have an advanced degree in “ability to google”, and all you have to do is type in ‘palindrome sentences’ and the answer appears very quickly.

But just in case you only have high school level google research qualifications, let me help you out….

Go geese see god?

Borrow or rob?

Was it a car or a cat I saw?

Murder for a jar of red rum.

Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog!

Do go to god.

And here’s your bit of further education for the day – there was a palindrome sentence found in Ancient Greek on a holy water font. The palindrome reads “Nipson anomemata me monan opsin”, which according to my advanced google education translates as “Wash your sins, not only your face”.

Don’t you feel more educated now?

Got any favourite palindrome words or sentences you’d like to share???

We panic in a pew.

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