The joys of owning a Ute (HLD 69)

30 May 2020

We did a tip run this morning, with tree prunings from our oldest son’s house.

He’d got himself a chainsaw, and had a lovely time dismembering parts of trees. They did have a green waste cleanup scheduled, but the timing didn’t work so it was a case of loading up the ute and dumping it at the tip.

Life is soooo much easier with a ute (foreign friends, a ute is a utility vehicle – a pickup truck or whatever it’s known as in your world).  We used to beg, borrow or steal a trailer – mainly from my oldest brother, but we ran the risk of the trailer being lent out at the time to some other freeloader who could not be bothered with owning their own trailer. Thanks Ron 😊

We bought the ute over a year ago to facilitate our youngest son getting into the courier business, and it’s been right up there in the list of the very best things we’ve ever bought (along with chocolate, our first digital camera, first iPhone, red wine, quality sound system, pets, my kitchen aid, and contraception in the early 90’s).

Sure – the ute is great for Josh to hurtle around delivering stuff during the week, but the advantages it’s given our family, both immediate and extended, have been plentiful!

Whether it’s been garden tip runs, helping people move house, Ikea shopping trips, hardware store trips or transporting the dog home from the park if she’s rolled in something disgusting – you name it, the ute just is a handy vehicle to have. Especially since we downsized our car about a year ago to a small sedan. A sedan that was plenty big enough at the time for a middle aged lady and her small dog, but not so roomy for three large adults and a baby seat and a smelly dog.

And now that the borders in our state have opened up, there will be trips made down south, where there are wineries and chocolate factories. Surely those purchases are going to need more space to transport home again?

Who’s coming to Margaret River with me? (And the dog…)

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