On a roll(er) ( HLD 98)

28 June 2020

We just had a little 24 hour frenzy of DIYing madness.

We solved the bed light situation, which will be of great interest to maybe one or two of you, but the rest have to put up with it anyway.

(We got a standard twin globed spot fitting, and put smart globes in it that can be controlled by wifi signal, meaning they can be individually controlled. Simple, really.)

But while we were wandering around the lighting shop we thought that as the light fitting would need to be replaced and was a different size to the old fitting, and eventually some new paint is going to have to be put into the new en-suite, and the entire carpet is due to be replaced on Wednesday so it won’t matter if we make a mess, well what the heck we may as well paint the bedroom too.

So we swung by the hardware shop, chose some paint, and away the day went!

Curtains down, tick.

Shelf down, tick.

Curtain track down – accompanied by a bit of colourful language, tick.

Mirror down, tick.

New light installed, tick. And then double check and triple check to make sure everything works ok. It does. Tick.

Spend twenty minutes playing with settings for new light (different warmth settings, timers and more). Tick.

Tape the edges of everything. Tick.

Start swearing a little when we realise that this room is really quite large. Tick.

Remember that somewhere in the house we have a paint spray machine kit that we used in a previous house with similarly large rooms. Tick.

Send youngest and largest son into smallest crawl space in attic of the house to locate the spray paint thing. Tick.

Google how to operate spray paint thing. Tick.

Give/receive lecture (depending on gender) about how messy the spray paint thing is and to be very careful to stay well away from edges, newly painted wardrobe interior, and window area. Tick.

First coat of paint applied. Tick.

Destroy light switch while attempting to turn lights off through heavily-taped-over-to-avoid-paint-splatter light switch. Tick.

Go back to hardware shop for another tin of paint and replacement light switch. Tick.

Significant muttering when youngest son shows us our shoddy first coat paint job with his brand new super powered fancy torch. Tick.

Youngest son gets to do the dishes. Tick.

Next morning spend time quietly doing edges and window area by roller and brush while waiting for appropriate time when power tools can be used. Tick.

Spend 20min trying to get spray paint gun to work. Tick.

Give up. Tick.

Complete job with roller while wife gets a sewing needle out to unclog the spray nozzle of the paint gun. Tick.

Patch up areas where the spray gun got too close to the edges/windows. Tick.

De-tape everything. Tick.

Fix light switch. Tick.

Spend more time cleaning the brushes and rollers and trays and spray paint kit, than we did actually painting. Tick.

Thoroughly enjoying a well earned coffee. Tick.

We will leave the shelf and curtain rehanging until the paint is dry. Or after the carpet is done. Or maybe leave it all down in case we want to repaint in a few years.

As a side note, the dog was going nuts this morning. We eventually worked out it was because we were both up ladders at the time, and she couldn’t work out how to climb up there too! It’s not worth teaching her how to climb ladders though – she’s rubbish at painting.

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