Excuses, excuses (HLD 104)

4 July 2020

Excuses, excuses.

I sit here realising that it’s tea time, and the housekeeper hasn’t presented us with the dinner menu. I have also realised that I’m apparently the housekeeper, and that I also forgot to do food shopping today. Also, I haven’t written today’s blog yet.  So instead of rushing to the kitchen to work out what I can do with a single serve of leftover chilli and some cheese slices, I have instead compiled a list of excuses for not having written a blog today. So far.

  1. The dog ate my iPhone. Ok she didn’t eat it, but she does clog up the photo album on the phone. Kind of the same thing.
  2. We went to Kings Park for a family breakfast this morning and there were heaps of cute photos of my grandson I had to look at throughout the day.
  3. I went out for coffee with my sister (niece, nephew-in-law and their kids) and that took up over an hour of my day. There was cake involved though.
  4. My iPad did a software update (three days ago, but still….)
  5. Venus is in retrograde. Also the Eagles won. It’s not safe for Freo fans to be out in public until the eagles fans get it out of their systems.
  6. We’ve been painting the bathroom door. And sanding the bottom of it so it will fit in the space now taken up by slightly higher tiles. That has meant a lot of organising and supervising on my behalf. You know I like to give instructions…
  7. I didn’t have a bath. But I thought about it.
  8. I had a long walk along the river with Josh and the dog – dodging all the Perth people who have belatedly realised that we have a river, and it’s pretty, so they all rushed there on the sunny day to take photos of themselves by the river. Lots and lots and lots of photo shoots along the river.  And soooooo many picnickers. And lots of people having barbecues too. We started to feel very hungry on the walk back and contemplated making friends with the people with the best smelling barbecues.
  9. My phone battery is on 11%. Maybe I took too many photos at Kings Park this morning. 
  10. Part of the rollercoaster of renovations mean the next step is clearing out the store room and the spare room ready for new carpet next week. My store room (a small single bedroom in its previous life) contains what you lucky people with sheds or carports or garages, shove in there. I don’t, so it all lives in the store room. That and everything else I don’t know what to do with. Ok there’s a lot of crap in there.
  11. We did a tip run with excess stuff from the store room. It’s too late if you have a need for some old white shelving units that were, until today, used to hold crap. They’ve all gone to the tip. Most of the crap remains. I’m coming up with alternate storage options. None of the options involve offloading the crap.
  12. Realised (about the same time that I realised I had nothing to cook for tea) that it is the 4th July, and that as honorary Texalians (australian Texans, or vice versa), we needed to celebrate Independence Day. It is also the 8th anniversary of when our stay in the US finished, which gave us an even greater impetus to go out to a US styled burger bar for dinner. So we did. The burger was lovely but the carafe of cocktails even better.
  13. No more excuses, but maybe the excuse list will constitute as a diarrhoea edition for today.

Happy July 4th to those to whom this is an important day. 

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com

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