Being famous for being famous (HLD 103)

3 July 2020

So apparently the wild rumour about Zac Efron hiding out in Australia during the coronavirus has been confirmed.

Wow. Gosh. Incredible.

Who’s Zac Efron again? Oh – the dude from the Greatest Showman, right? The one that wasn’t Hugh Jackman. Yep I’d probably know him from that. Fair enough. Possibly not enough to take a clandestine photo of him to prove the wild rumour, mind you. I’m not pop culture enough.

In fact, I usually find it quite amusing to read the parts of newspapers – printed or online – when they mention someone (gossip) that obviously they expect people to know.

Because I never do. I don’t watch soap operas, very few reality shows, and I have never, nor will ever, watch Neighbours or Home and Away or so forth. 

When they have ‘celebrity’ type shows (whether they’re in the jungle or dancing or whatever it is that celebrities get up to to further the cause of their celebrity), I honestly will vaguely recognise maybe one or two.

Sportsmen I will have a better chance of recognising, as long as they play one of the sports I watch regularly. 

For entertainment, I will work my way through an ‘entertainment’ section of a news feed, and take a test to see if I do recognise someone, and if so, if I can remember where I recognise them from!

Because if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that celebrities are revered in our world nowadays. You see as many people striving to become a celebrity, as you do people who apparently ARE celebrities complaining about the invasion of privacy etc.

The breed of celebrities I really don’t understand at all are ‘influencers’.  And again, I’ve never looked into what they influence people to do, but I strongly suspect I wouldn’t be influenced at all.

I read this morning about a celebrity being interviewed on a radio station, who took exception to the radio announcer introducing the celebrity to his audience, explaining what this person was famous for, recounting some of his music hits of the past. The ‘celebrity’ got his nose firmly out of joint that the announcer thought he had to tell people WHY he was famous, when quite obviously he WAS famous. The celebrity hung up. End of twenty second interview!!

I really would like to be confronted by a celebrity asking me “don’t you know who I am???”, because my plan would be to launch through a list of options like “Ethel from weight watchers?!?!? My goodness I hardly recognise you – have you dyed your hair?”, or “I used to work in a psych ward – did I meet you there?”. Or maybe “Oh you’re from television?!? Is it from that embarrassing bodies show? You do look familiar…”

So I would like to influence you all to give me another line to use if we are ever confronted with a ‘celebrity’ who is insistent that we should know who they are.

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