Pleasure noises (HLD 102)

2 July 2020

If you’d happened to be wandering past our bedroom last night, at 9.30pm or so (I might have been a little suspicious of what you were doing there, by the way)… you would have heard some interesting sounds.

“Oh my goodness”



“It’s so big!”

“I can’t reach the end”


“It’s everything I ever dreamed of”

“It’s much wider than the last one I had”

“Oh yeah baby”


(Mumble mumble) “Deeper”

“I’m staying here forever”

“There might even be room for two people”

It was, of course, the first soak in the new bath tub. I’m sure you all worked that out straight away without letting your mind drift into unseemly pastures.

There isn’t a door on the en-suite yet, and the shower screen cannot be used until later today – but by goodness the bathtub could be, and was, used last night!!!

It was everything we were aiming for, and well worth the rollercoaster of renovations that its installation has brought about.

Interestingly, I’m not actually writing this blog from the bath tub, although as I sit typing, I wonder why not. I could read my newspaper from the bathtub (I read the online edition), read my book, phone my mother, make phone calls to organise next steps of renovation rollercoaster, do online grocery shopping and if I kept sound and video off, maybe even attend a meeting or two…. without ever leaving my bath tub!!

I’m of an age where wrinkles from prolonged water contact don’t bother me – I can excuse all wrinkles by the bath excuse. Maybe I have a hidden mermaid fixations after all!

If you don’t see me around for a day or two, you know where I’ll be!

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