Labour saving devices (HLD 109)

9 July 2020

With the completion of carpeting of 2/3 of the house, I commenced the task this afternoon of reassembling some rooms.

For over a month most of the house has lived in places it’s not meant to be, to facilitate the emptying of rooms for work to be done. I just about drool at the thought of everything being back in its place. It will be a busy week or so trying to remember where stuff came from, but I’m up to the task.

Now – as I was putting together one of the tables that lives in the spare room (this one is the computer desk but there are two others that have to go in there to hold sewing and craft gear), I whispered quite lovingly to my cordless screwdriver “You are without doubt my very favourite labour saving device”. For in that moment, it definitely was, screwing firmly into place the twenty screws that hold this table together.

There was an immediate protest from other parts of the house, however. The washing machine who was churning its way through the second load of the day, screamed to me “Don’t you remember the twin tub days???”. The dryer, finishing off the stuff that won’t dry on the line no matter how much sunlight appears out there, suggested maybe I should try having the clothes airers perched around the house for days on end, while I reconsider my statement!

From the kitchen, of course, the dishwasher smugly cleaned up all of yesterday’s messes, secure in the knowledge that it surely takes prime role for its consistent daily assistance.

Of course, the coffee machine made a little sputtering noise. It knows things about my coffee addiction that supersede my inability to tighten screws sufficiently.

My drill, my Kitchenaid mixer, my vacuum cleaner, my carpet shampooer, the computer, the scanner, the kettle, the music speaker box, and even the flat bed furniture trolley I’ve been using to move heavy furniture around the house for the last month, all sniggered at the thought that some object other than them was my favourite labour saving device.

Do you have a favourite?

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