Recipe sharing (HLD 112)

12 July 2020

We have had a busy day of retrieving all our possessions that have had a little holiday in a garage while renovations happened. The house is now full to the brim with stuff that, over the next few days, will be returned to the place it should be in. At the moment, of course, there’s stuff everywhere.

Part of today’s rushed jobs was a bit of food shopping, which necessitated a very quick think about the simplest and nicest evening meal I can cook fairly quickly.

I had some stock in the cupboard, so a pumpkin, a loaf of crusty bread, and some cream were purchased.

Voila – pumpkin soup.

Apart from roast lamb, it’s up there as my simplest and easiest meal to cook that everyone seems to like. Those who aren’t overly fond of a lot of orange vegetables do seem to be fans of crusty bread, so there’s something for everyone. 

Today’s question from a fairly tired individual – what’s your easiest and tastiest meal option?

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