Lost and found, or just lost? (HLD 111)

11 July 2020

In the very careful packing away of stuff to be stored temporarily while renovations happened, we were very very careful with one particular item/s.

Our rather old four black Ikea bookcases have travelled to a number of houses with us over the years, even travelling overseas at one stage. They have adjustable shelves, and have these small metal shelf supports that hold these shelves in place.

We are always very careful to make sure these are attached to the bookcases somehow, or stored somewhere very obvious to facilitate the restoration process.

This time was no different. There was a particular mug where they were placed while the bookcases were pulled apart.

We have no idea what happened to that mug. We got our bookcases back last night from their holiday destination in my sons garage, and started looking for the should-be-obvious shelf supports.

Zip. Zilch. Nada.

There have been so many room relocations over the past month and a half, we actually have no idea where they could be! Four rooms have been completely emptied of all contents, and they have never showed up in any of these.

There are a lot of shelves to go back into these bookcases, so, giving up, we made the trip to Ikea this afternoon to beg for 72 shelf supports! They are quite used to people dropping in for a handful, and I must confess their eyes glazed over a little when I asked for 72!

And all credit to the shop, we got them! Discontinued bookcase range and all, they still had parts!

Today’s discussion is about stuff you have lost over the years. What have you lost and found again? What have you lost that’s never to be seen again???

I’ve lost my engagement ring again many years ago (never to be seen again), and we’ve lost a budgie that was eventually found in a neighbours tree.

My football team appeared to lose the ability to play competitive football today, but fortunately they found it again. Much to our joy but at great cost to my pulse and blood pressure.

I fully expect to find a bag of carefully stashed away shelf support plugs sometime in the near future. If you need some, hopefully I’ll have 72 going spare in a day or do.

What have you lost?

Footnote – yes they were found four days later in a box…

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