As bad as it can get? (HLD 130)

30 July 2020

One of the questions we seem to be faced with this year is – “Is this as bad as it can get?”

We started out fairly early on in the pandemic, assuming we had done our bit to stop the virus in its tracks, and the question on everyone’s lips was “When will restrictions be eased”? The emphasis was absolutely on when we can get up and back to our normal lives- surely we’ve been socially distant enough, washed our hands enough, kept any germs to ourselves???

But we are seeing in one of our Australian states that the worst is most likely still to come, and that’s a bit worrying. People in Victoria were probably at the same stage the rest of us were – the “we’ve done our bit, got the virus on the run”, etc etc.

Except they hadn’t, and for whatever reason it’s not under control there at all. A few days ago they ‘hit their peak’ in number of cases, followed by two lower number days. Surely the worst had happened and better days were to come?

Nope. New record case numbers and still more deaths.

It’s scary.

For those of us in our little area bubbles, safely removed from the rest of the country, we can only look on in horror about what could happen. In WA we have been very supportive of our closed borders before, but we are well and truly keen for them to stay tightly closed now!

I’ve noticed over the past month or so, we really haven’t paid as much attention to what’s happening with the pandemic in the rest of the world.

Our focus has shrunk.

We started off looking world wide, worrying about other countries dealing with the virus. It shrunk to our own countries, how we as a nation are going. Very quickly it shrunk to state borders – how we are managing compared to the rest of the country, and what we have to do to keep our people safe.

I suspect that for people in Victoria, it’s shrunk even further to suburbs, where hotspots or clusters are identified, and whether our own local community is safe.

For those in nursing homes and hospitals, I suspect it has shrunk to room level.

I hope that those reading this will never feel that their world has shrunk so small that it is just them alone in a room. My wish for you all is that your world broadens up.

It won’t happen today.

But it will happen.

Stay safe, people in Victoria.

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