Variations (HLD 131)

31 July 2020

Walking early this morning on the dog draining walk around the block, I had the exciting opportunity to show off to anyone who cared, a particular ability I have that many others don’t.

I can open plastic bags. With my fingers. First time.

The plastic bag was a dog poo bag, in case you’re wondering.

But, because I had nothing better to do at 6.15 on a cold morning while waiting for the dog to complete her ablutions, I set my mind to wander along the path of…

What can some people do that others can’t?

I know the plastic bag opening thing is real, because I’ve had many many occasions over the years to look on in wonder – and admittedly a lot of amusement – as my husband tried to open one of those plastic bags in the fruit and veg section of the supermarket. He blows, he licks his fingers (pre coronavirus days, of course) and he literally huffs and puffs. Until I walk over, run the plastic bag between two of my fingers, and hey presto the bag is open.

I have seen other people struggling to open the doggy do bags also. Maybe I have more clearly defined finger prints (closer related to the apes maybe?!?) that grip better on slippery plastic bags? I haven’t noticed a super grip ability on anything else though.

Anyway – things you can do that some others can’t….

There’s a big list of stuff that make us as humans different from each other. Apart from the obvious height, weight, hair and eye colour, there’s also the ability to:

Wiggle your ears.

Wink with alternate eyes.

Lick your nose.

Lick your elbow.

Talk while breathing in.

Raise one eyebrow.

Coordination/spatial awareness (there’s a few abilities like parallel parking and reversing trailers that I think can be attributed to this one)

Move toes independently

Roll your tongue

Flaring nostrils

Roll eyeballs

Induce sneezing by looking at bright lights (I honestly had never heard of this)

Hitchhiker thumbs – these people often can almost bend thumb back to forearm!


Tie a knot in a cherry stem using their tongues (because gee that must come in handy)

Blow up a balloon with your nose. (Maybe we all have this abilities, but most of us have never tried and are never likely to)

Ability to burp on purpose (one of my sisters-in-law has this ability and it’s a great party trick for family get togethers)

Which of these can you do?

What other things are missing from my list?

Isn’t the human body an interesting thing? Churning out all these variations on a common device?

Oh yeah – apparently skin colour comes in different shades too.

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