Old clothes (HLD 148)

17 Aug 2020

For a lot of years, you could look over old photos with my Mum, and she would invariably at some stage say “I’ve still got that cardigan”. I can even picture the cardigan – it was a green colour and she appeared in a lot of our family photos wearing it.

I’m not entirely sure, but I’m reasonably confident that when we were moving Mum into the nursing home, that particular garment went to assist anyone at Good Sammies that needed a fairly worn greenish cardigan. Although there’s a good chance she still has it squirrelled away somewhere.

On a cold morning last weekend I appeared wearing my rather glamorous red chenille dressing gown, and commented to my husband that I’d had that dressing gown longer than I’d had children.

So – today’s question is “What is your oldest article of clothing that is still used regularly?”

I still have my wedding dress in the cupboard (just in case I need to wear it again one day), which would probably qualify as my oldest article of clothing I still own. But I really don’t wear it that often. Apart from the inability to do the zip up nowadays, it’s a bit too dressy for the supermarket.

For years I kept my nursing cape, which served in the dress-up box when the kids were little. I also had various pieces from bridesmaid outfits I’d worn in my younger days that also lived in the dress up box. Goodness only knows where they all ended up. With two boys, it’s probably best that I have no memory of this.

I really don’t think I’ve kept too many “old faithful” clothing items. There’s jeans and jumpers that have been around for a good while but my policy is that when I buy some new clothes, some old clothes have to go to the charity bins. So anything that can be replaced by something nicer, probably has.

Do you have an old faithful clothing item that you still use regularly?

The photo is of my family (I was pregnant with my firstborn at the time) where Mum is wearing her cardigan which I think was probably an ‘old faithful’ even back then.

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