Pure entertainment (HLD 149)

18 Aug 2020

It’s a tough world we are living in at the moment. People are dying, people are in lockdown, businesses are failing, and people are struggling – mentally, financially and socially.

It’s time for a world wide phenomenon that brings light into the lives of a lot of people. Outright misery for some, but for the non US viewing public, there’s nothing that distracts us all quite like…

A US election.

It’s somewhere between a circus and a reality TV show. But it’s also one where the rest of us have no idea of the rules.

In other countries, it’s fairly simple. You win most seats, you form government. In the US they have all sorts of different things we don’t understand – something about colleges and so forth? I have no idea. Quite frankly, I don’t want to know.

The important thing for the rest of us is – how much entertainment can be achieved through this election? We’ve already had the immediate past first lady speaking out against in incumbent president, and let’s face it she gives good TV.

I can’t wait for the incumbent president to start making promises. I wait with bated breath to hear just how great America can get if the orange man gets a second shot.

Obviously his election promises will include a miracle cure for coronavirus, and reiteration about how well the US has done dealing with it. Soooooo much better than anywhere else in the world. And all due to the single handed hard work of the President.

What else can he promise the American voters to get another turn? He probably won’t want to mention the wall again, unless it’s a unique virus resistant wall. Maybe, given his issues with fake news media, he is going to promise to remove the stain of media outlets he doesn’t like. Maybe he could build a wall around them.

I apologise to my American friends that the rest of the world is finding your politics so entertaining. New Zealand is also having an election this year, but that isn’t anywhere near as entertaining.

The US has always been the source of entertainment for the rest of the world. It used to be just tv shows and movies, though.

Thank goodness those people isolated around the world, who have finally run out of things to keep them distracted from daily life, have a new topic to discuss.

Move aside The Bachelor, Farmer Wants a Wife, Survivor, Jersey Shore, Big Brother and the Kardashians.

The US elections have arrived.

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