Being eloquacious (HLD 171)

9 Sept 2020

My Mum got rather excited on the phone the other day, as she had spent some time creating a new word. Inspired by the birthday of my twin nephews, Mum came up with the word “Twindependence”. It could have multiple meanings, either twins striking out independently of each other, or the dependence that twins have on each other. Use it however you like 🙂 I promised to write a blog about Mum’s new word, as there is a possibility that she may forget all about her word creating genius.

There are a lot of made up words available for us to start using – surely if we all start using them a LOT, they will become actual words when the powers-that-be give up and put them in the dictionary.

Eloquacious, by the way, obviously merges “eloquent” and “loquacious”, and means “the ability to create brand new words, that sound as if they’ve always truly existed, and mean exactly what you think they would”. So let us all eloquaciously examine the following words:

Huggle – something between a hug and a cuddle.

Testiculating – basically talking bollocks, but with more exaggerated arm movements 

Addicitonary – the growing list of made up words

Youniverse – the world really does revolve around you

Jobfusticate – arrange so that your job appears to be so complex and technical that no one (especially your boss) can understand exactly what you do.

Prevoid – prevent/avoid – you do this to stop bad stuff happening

Pregret – when you know what you’re about to do is wrong but knowing you’ll do it anyway

Flabulous – between flabby and fabulous

A crapella – sung badly while listening to music using headphones

Athlethargy – recliner chair instead of stair master

Askhole – some who asks many stupid and pointless questions

(This is an American one) – Columbusing – when white people claim to have discovered something that has been around of years, decades or centuries. In Australia we would call this Cooking, obviously!

Blamestorming – attempting to identify the person who is most at fault for something.

Carcolepsy – when the passenger falls asleep as soon as the car starts moving

Ambitchous – striving to be more of a bitch than the average bitch

Unkeyboardinated – continually making typing mistakes

Afterclap – the last one who slaps after everyone else has stopped clapping

Textpectation – waiting on a text message

Typerventilate – sending multiple text messages in quick succession

Chairdrobe – a chair that is covered with clothes instead, kind of like the floordrobe.

Outrance – the opposite of entrance, obviously. Because exit is so boring.

Bellignorant – belligerent/ignorant – so many people nowadays showing perfect examples of bellignorance.

Hamletive – when you are neither positive or negative about a situation, neither yes or no.

Puffalope – one of those padded, puffy envelopes.

Preteentious – the level of drama achieved only by a 12 year old.

Narcisexual – someone attracted only to him/her self

Nonversation – completely worthless conversation, small talk (kind of like these things are blogversations)

Craptacular – something so appallingly crappy as to be worthy of special recognition.

Suckrifice – doing something you absolutely must do, even though you really don’t want to.

Dismember – not the serial killer type of meaning of the word, but the art of completely forgetting something after you had remembered it.

Mum is good at this.

I hope you have all added a bit of something to your vocabulary today. The spell check on my computer is going nuts. Nutsellcheck, in fact.

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