Too much information (HLD 170)

8 Sept 2020

I spent a rather frustrating morning at the computer desk this morning. I’d had only a few things I needed to do – offload onto the hard drive all the photos from the recent Kalbarri trip, catch up on the book-keeping for my sons courier business, and delete a few emails. 

It took foooooorever!

The computer was so slow I took the opportunity after clicking a button to go make a cup of coffee, go empty some rubbish bins, sort through a couple of boxes of photos that need to be scanned, make another cup of coffee, put a load of washing on, and tidy up the computer desk. All the while glaring ferociously and maybe using a bit of colourful language in the direction of the computer.

I eventually realised that the loading of photos from the camera was being held up by another computer program that thought it had the right to access the photos as well. Getting that program to shut down and butt out took a lot of convincing.

After finally uploading all the photos (who knew I had an itchy trigger finger, camera wise?), I also realised that one of the reasons that my computer is so slow is that I have waaaaay too many things on the desktop (for the non computer savvy people, the desktop is the place where you put things when you want to have easy access to them and can’t be bothered filing them away properly).  I’ve been told before about not having too many things on the desktop and usually solve the problem by shoving them all into a file on the hard drive called “desktop cleanup” – just in case I get the urge one day to actually go through and sort everything out and file everything properly.

Long story short – I had about half an hour’s worth of computer work to do this morning. It cost me three hours, two cups of coffee, and the realisation that one day very soon I need to have a bit of a computer tidy up.

I’ll schedule eight hours and four coffees to make it happen.

Photo by Ena Marinkovic on

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