Reciprocal love (HLD 169)

7 Sept 2020

We just experienced a fairly lovey-dovey sort of weekend and it’s prompted a bit of diarrhoea. Of the literary kind, of course.

We got to attend my nephew’s wedding which would, as you’d imagine, but a fairly lovey-dovey sort of event. Strangely enough, the young couple love each other, and it showed. 

Family getting together for events such as weddings is another lovey-dovey event. Sharing laughter, sharing memories, and sharing new experiences extends beyond sharing genetics, but it doesn’t hurt. Throw in some extended family (family of in-laws in our family are referred to as out-laws), throw in new partners to meet and get to know, throw in some food and a couple of drinks, and the feeling of being part of a mob – in the very best possible way – made for a lovely weekend.

Of course, my husband and I had just had a few days away on holidays and got to spend time together. We both survived the experience, and may even have had a lovely time away together.

But on our return home, the most over the top, emotional and rapturous reunion happened ….

The dog didn’t know where to start. She bounced, she jumped, she licked anything she could reach, and then she bounced some more. She then remembered an urgent need to empty her bladder so a walk in the park was required, regardless of the rain. But after that it was straight back to the cuddling and licking of the returned travellers. And the emotional blackmail at tea-time where she tried to convince us that our youngest son hardly fed her at all while we were away. The scales say otherwise.

The reciprocal part of today’s blog is that the ear and neck licking, the cuddles and the overt displays of affection were greeted with as much enjoyment from the returned travellers. There may even have been a bit of glaring when one returned traveller was having more cuddles with the dog than the other returned traveller. Maybe.

We wait to see if our grandson is as excited to see us as the dog was.

He’s not much of an ear licker, fortunately.

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