Timing (HLD 164)

2 Sept 2020

We are on a little holiday where we have no plans, no schedules to meet, no itinerary to follow – just the ability to do what we want, when we want. If we want to sleep in, eat breakfast at lunch time, have toast for dinner,  or just sit on the beach and drink wine all day – we can.

Well – apart from my husband, that is. He has this attachment to his watch, you see.

He would vehemently disagree with my statement that our ‘no plans’ holiday is planned to the nth degree. No no, he’d say. We can do what we want, when we want. But….

He has a few things he’d like to do while we are in Kalbarri. No pressure on doing them, but if we do quad bikes on this day, and boat cruise on that day, and gorges on this day, and if we have fish and chips on the beach tonight it will have to be by 5.30, and then we could fit in whale watching…. and so on.

I noticed his tendency to check his watch if I spend more than a few minutes taking pictures of something. He has got involved with the activity by pointing out colourful plants…as we hurtle past them in the car. When I yell ‘stop’ – more than once because the first time is always ignored – because I want to take pictures of the flowers, I’ve noticed a time limit applied to this endeavour. No problems – off you go and take all the pictures you want, he implies.

Four minutes later, the car moves into a different spot closest to me so it’s easier for me to curtail my photographic jaunt and get back on the road.

No pressure. No plans. No hassle. Oh look we have been here ten minutes already!

If anyone needs to borrow my alarm clock I can drop him off for you. He’s available for daily or weekly hire. 

Photo by Alla Eddine Taleb on Pexels.com

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