VIR – Very Important Relationships (HLD 163)

1 Sept 2020

Apart from your loved ones, there are people in our lives who are very important to us, albeit in an often transient or temporary  way.

People like your regular GP who seems to have a great connection with you. People like the man at the bottle shop who seems to know your preferences. People you sit next to at the football who share your sense of humour. People you meet on a holiday and share great experiences with. People like the vet who understands that your dog really is a mild mannered creature, despite evidence to the contrary.

This morning, at the beginning of our driving trip to look for warmer weather and flowers, we stopped in the northern suburbs first so my husband could go visit his GP and get his prescriptions updated. He really likes this GP – they chat about all sorts of things as well as his health, and despite us now living much further away he still goes to that one. I can’t comment on that because my GP is also in the northern suburbs and I will keep following her until she retires. I may continue to stalk her even after this.

Anyway – while himself was talking about diabetes and the oil and gas industry with his GP, I meandered to the closest shopping centre and got a cup of coffee. Nothing unusual there.

But this coffee shop is owned by people who used to own the coffee shop in a different suburb, that my girlfriends and I spent a LOT of time at in the ‘kids at primary school’ era. They got to know us, and we got to know them (and their family) very well too.

So as I was ordering my coffee this morning, I was recognised, and our original coffee group all asked about. I enquired about the members of their family I remembered, and I felt at home once again.

Similar to our current connection with the people who run the coffee shop across the road from our current house, these people were integral to our sanity in those early days. So despite not having seen these coffee shop people in a number of years, they are evidently still very important people to me. And I’m assuming we were important to them, due to the contribution we made to their profit margin as well as our entertaining personalities.

By the way – there is no man at the bottle shop who knows my preference, in case you’re wondering. I order my wine online 🙂 The rest are all true.

Who is special to you, in a nebulous sort of way?

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