Calendars (HLD 193)

1 Oct 2020

Each year I usually get a calendar printed up for our Mums, with a different family photo for each month.

Sometimes they are photos of the current family milling around the place, but occasionally o throw in a bunch of historical photos just to give them something different to look at.

I usually forget to order them until almost too late, and there have been occasions when I order a calendar to commence in February or March, given this tardiness 🙂

When I order the calendars I usually order two of each so that we have one too. This helps when there’s arguments or forgetfulness over whose photo they are looking at. I generally know, and if I happen to forget, I’m an exceptionally good liar, and can make up a story very quickly.

I must have forgotten this year, because all this year, I haven’t had a calendar in the kitchen!

And do you know – I haven’t really missed it? For the first few months of the year, when faced with a ‘rabbit day’, as my mum has referred to the first of the month since living memory, I looked to where the calendar should be, thinking I need to turn the page, but after that – nothing!

I know the months are changing (much slower for most of this year, of course) but I don’t get to see a different picture each time.

Are you a calendar person?

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