Slow motion (HLD 188)

26 Sept 2020

This morning in Perth we had just the most gorgeous weather. Blue skies, sunshine, warmth in the back of your neck, etc. Just beautiful.

This afternoon, Armageddon arrived. Torrential rain, bucketloads or it. Only for a couple of hours, mind you. I can see blue sky on the horizon again as I type.

But back to this morning’s beautiful weather. We went out for breakfast, which has become a Saturday morning routine in our house. A brekky wrap and a coffee at a cafe in Kings Park, sitting in bright sunshine, is just about the best way possible to start the weekend.

We usually follow up our Kings Park breakfast with a little bush walk, admiring wildflowers and letting the dog run and sniff and pee to her hearts content. Yes there are signs occasionally that tell dogs they need to be on a lead, but as clever as she is at some things, reading signs isn’t one of them.

In between taking photos with my phone of the many many MANY kangaroo paws (flowers), I had the occasion to do some slow motion videoing of the dog running towards me.

I love watching her run in slow motion. She bounces. Her tail goes everywhere, and her ears flop up and down. It’s gorgeous. And there’s the eye contact that stays fixed 🙂 It is sheer joy in every frame of the video.

There’s a lot of things that are improved by watching them in slow motion. That’s why they use it so much in movies, and in various sporting telecasts.

Conversely, some things are NOT improved by watching them slowly. I imagine childbirth would be one of those things. Someone being ill, someone sneezing, someone doing jigsaws, someone trying to write a blog, and so forth.

This year seems to gone by in a bit of slow motion. If you look back in your diary of things that happened in the early part of the year, you might be convinced it was the previous year. But no – it’s still 2020.

What things do you want to see, or NOT want to see, in slow motion?

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