Waiting on donuts (HLD 187)

25 Sept 2020

I have literary diarrhoea ideas saved on a section of my phone. Every time a random thought pops into my head that could one day be fleshed out a little, it goes into this file. There’s an awful lot of half-baked stuff in there, waiting on more inspiration.

One things I’ve had half written for a long time is about Donut Day. I have pretty much had it written, waiting for the day when our state reports donuts for our Coronavirus stats for the day.

And by donuts, I mean 🍩 zero new cases, and zero active cases. In the past, donut days have signified no new cases, but in my mind it needs to be a day when there is NO active virus in Western Australia.

We have come tantalisingly close on numerous occasions. We’ve been down to three active cases and have been within days of these people getting better and being cleared, when some returned travellers from overseas suddenly show symptoms and are confirmed positive. And then it starts again – when nearly a week is up and these people are almost ready to get tested to see if they’re virus free – new cases arrive.

I don’t think my donut day literary diarrhoea is ever going to see the light of day. And this disappoints me on a couple of levels.

Firstly, to make that particular edition of HLD more visually appealing, I have plans to actually go and buy a donut so that I can take a photo of it to accompany the diarrhoea. This is purely on the interests of making the blog visually appealing, you understand. The fact that I have thought quite a bit about what sort of donut I will purchase, is undoubtedly purely for its aesthetic qualities.

Secondly, of course, it reinforces in my mind the fact that, as under control as we think we have this virus thing, it only takes one person to not follow the procedures, and spread the virus within the community, for it to get out of hand.

My heart goes out also to people in areas who have not, and will not for an awful long time, been anywhere near donut day. In some areas donut day is going to have to be celebrated maybe by no deaths initially, before hopefully getting to the zero new cases.

Let’s hope that, for all of us, Donut Day arrives in our life soon.


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