Ooparts (HLD 196)

4 Oct 2020

You would be correct if you are beginning to think I’ve spent the last couple of days sitting on the couch reading random stuff on the internet.

The recent eye operation has meant my ‘gadding about in the sunshine’ activities are restricted for a little while, so in between instructing the other members of the family what I want for dinner and giving advice on how to prepare it, I’ve spent a fair bit of time using the one good eye to read random stuff I might not have otherwise.

Today’s topic of interest is OOPARTS – out of place artefacts. These are essentially things of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest found in an unusual context, and has people questioning whether computers in fact existed in 2 century BC, aliens are real and left evidence, or early humans were really really smart but then forgot all about it.

There are lists of things that were purported to be either appear technology that was too advanced to have existed at the time, or may suggest human presence in a time or place that they weren’t known to exist. A lot of them have been debunked, which kind of spoils the story about the 800 year old mobile phone 🙂

But you can read through findings like fossilised shoe prints, Norwegian coins in possession of ancient Native American Indians, 11000 year old aluminium wedges, alien skulls and more.

If you’ve got nothing better to do, that is.

I know an archaeologist, and I fully expect her to comment on this telling me it’s all rubbish.

The out of place artefact in my house at the moment is me watching television during the day, while everyone else is out at the park enjoying the sunshine.

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