Career changes (HLD 195)

3 Oct 2020

While sitting on the couch listening to the sounds of the rest of the household enjoying an afternoon nap (😴), I distracted myself by flicking through random stuff on the internet.

One thing that caught my attention briefly was an article on “celebrities who went on to have normal jobs”. I was distracted mainly by trying to figure out who most of the people were, because I hadn’t heard of a lot of them. Probably the one I recognised most was Steven Seagal who has moved on from movie making and is now a deputy sheriff.

Some of the others who had gone on to ‘normal careers’ went into something vaguely associated with their celebrity status, like writing cook books or directing movies rather than starring in them, but occasionally there were some big changes.

It got me thinking about careers nowadays and those of generations past. My husband recently celebrated his 30th anniversary with the company he is currently employed with. He has stayed in the same occupation, but this is the third company he’s worked for. Thirty years for current graduates would seem to be an abnormally long time to stay with one company, but in earlier generations a person could start their working life with one company and retire from the same one at the end.

Apart from jobs during school to earn money, I’ve worked as an administrative assistant, a nurse, an administrative assistant, a checkout chick, an office manager, and a school uniform shop assistant. I’ve spent more of my working life in an office situation than in a hospital situation, but felt comfortable enough in both. Whether you want a letter typed, a blood pressure taken, or a high school kid sized up for a blazer, I’m your girl. Or alternately I could take photos of any of those situations 🙂

So today’s question for you…. have you worked in different career paths? Did you used to work as a Hollywood celebrity making films for millions of dollars, but gave it up to run a takeaway burger chain? Were you a brain surgeon who preferred to take photos of flowers instead?

If you have kept the same occupation since the beginning of your working days, have you stayed with the same company?

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