Travelling in style (HLD 209)

17 Oct 2020

On a little road trip today, in our fancy little sporty yellow car, we waited at a set of traffic lights beside a Mercedes convertible – a very expensive looking vehicle that had a least one rather large person squeezed into it. While one person in my vehicle enthused about the car, I wondered about how comfortable the people inside it would have been.

They looked happy enough.

This sight brought about reminiscences about the time we drive through Yellowstone Park in the US, driving a rented red Mustang Convertible (with white leather car seats!). And even though the weather was not really conducive to driving with the top down (it snowed at one stage), we did anyway…

It’s probably right up there with the most memorable cars we’ve driven in. Other highlights would be the campervan trip around New Zealand – with two people in the front of the vehicle and two flying around in the back because of all the bendy roads.

New Zealand also features in another vehicle story, when our family of four in a small rented 4 cylinder sedan tried to drive up Arthur’s Pass in icy and slippery conditions – barely having enough oomph to get out of second gear, but losing momentum with each gear change and slipping backwards down the mountain…. Good times.

Rental cars feature highly in our fancy cars stories – a rental car we had in England one time (a Renault Scenic, so my in-house vehicle advisor tells me) was rather fancy. The kids loved it because it had sooooo many storage hiding places! Four Hamblins and four suitcases fitted easily 🙂

I love my current car – it’s cute, it looks sporty, it’s bright yellow and is very easy to spot in a car park. Sure, it’s a bit squeezy with more than a couple of adults in it, but for me and my dog, or me and my grandson, or even me and my dog and my grandson, it’s perfect.

I spent time today with my cousin who has a red Mazda RX (so says the in-house vehicle advisor) – it’s very sporty and sexy and despite not having room for more than a driver and one grandchild, she still says it’s perfect. You get to spend quality time with one grandchild each time, she tells me 🙂

I do think the Mustang Convertible is our best car experience. Sure, it may have had a lot to do with the scenery we were driving it through, but it doesn’t compare with anything else so far.

What’s your favourite car experience?

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