Finding true love (HLD 229)

6 Nov 2020

Yet another “find true love” television show has wrapped up in Australia. My research tells me that this particular brand of the genre started in Australia in 2013, and it’s fair to say we’ve never watched a full series. In fact there was only one series that we ‘kind of’ watched a little bit.

But they are incredibly formulaic, thrive on catch phrases that are so incredibly inane it makes me want to throw up, and the chances of anyone on these shows actually finding the love of their lives, or even wanting to for that matter, is very unlikely.

They seem to spin off each other – a female not chosen by a bachelor could then show up on a bachelorette season of the show, and males not chosen on that show could show up back on the bachelor or be sent to an island version of the same show.

The way the contestants keep showing up on other shows of the same style, kind of suggests to me that the people putting their hands up for the shows are not actually looking for love, but more likely looking for a career in TV.

I have heard that the dating world is tricky nowadays – people rely heavily on internet sites that connect single people. But would you put yourself on national television to try to find a life partner? Competing with a bunch of other people for the ultimate prize of…….. not really sure what they win, if I’m honest. I’ve seen people being given a ring by the human prize, but maybe the real prize is a chance to then appear on one of the many other shows of a similar vein – once this relationship has fallen through.

Because they do seem to fall through. Often they have separated before the actual show gets to be aired on television, but if the ‘happy couple’ manage to stay together until this happy event, you can still pretty much guarantee it won’t last the test of time.

But in the meantime they front up to all on the other tv shows and radio interviews to talk about their experience in finding the love of their life, and some even manage to make it sound relatively genuine.

Eventually, of course, these people will fall off the bandwagon of the reality shows, and get themselves out to the beach or a club and stumble across the actual love of their life.

Hopefully they can do this without a dozen cameras pointed at them.

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