Discounts (HLD 236)

13 Nov 2020

Today my husband and I received our very first seniors discount!

Despite not actually being eligible yet for the discount, the gentleman at the entrance booth for the place where we were going to look at animals with our grandson, decided we looked old enough to be labelled old.

Of course, my husband had spent some time regaling the man with tales about how we had brought our own children to the same place some 27 years ago, so possibly he was justified in assuming we weren’t young.

Now – my husband, as many of you know, is a person who greatly enjoys a bargain, and the prospect of saving ONE WHOLE DOLLAR PER PERSON would normally be something he would spend time regaling anyone and everyone about the skills he employed to receive such a boost. The entire family shudder when recalling memories of times he ‘haggled’ with sales people.

He was strangely quiet about this massive discount, however.

What is it that makes you look old? My youngest son was recently asked for photo ID to enter a licensed establishment – and being almost 30 at the time, he was a little annoyed that they assumed he could possibly still be under 18!

I suspect I would be immediate best friends with someone who asked me for photo ID to prove I was over 18. I would, of course, sadly have to phone the loony bin to come collect their escapee, but still….

Getting discounts because you are old is surely one of the genuine perks of having achieved some level of chronological supremacy. People in the know, know exactly when they will become eligible for the holy grail of a ‘Seniors Card’.

My question to those of you who have achieved this level of thrifty excitement… what discounts can I look forward to when I’m actually old enough?

Is it a bit better than our one dollar discount we prematurely got today?

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