Christmas 2020 (HLD 277)

24 Dec 2020

(This blog contained my Christmas newsletter which I won’t bore you with everything, but these are the highlights…)

From my expanding family to yours, we wish you all a happy and safe Christmas, wherever you are celebrating it this year.

And by ‘where’, I don’t mean as in the jokes floating around this year… this year I travelled to: the bathroom, the lounge room, the back yard, etc.

This Christmas, like no other I can recall for a long time, we focus intently on family. This year, it’s more important to us than any other, that we let our family and friends know that we love them. In previous years this could be achieved by socialising… a lot. This year it’s best for all of us if we maintain a bit of physical distance, to keep those we love, and also complete strangers, free from harm.

It’s been a year that we all insist we will remember forever. It’s been a year where we have lost loved ones, but also one where we have gained new perspective on how to be family.

Everyone is happy, healthyish, and safe.

I’ve spent the year challenging myself to write, which many of you will already know. It’s been equally the easiest and the hardest thing I’ve undertaken.

Which kind of sums up this year. It’s been the hardest of years when we look at the restrictions we have had to face, the toilet paper dramas, the family heartaches, and the ever present fear that things could get worse very quickly.

But in terms of understanding what is important to us, this year has been the best year ever. Our loved ones being healthy is our number one priority. Safety and happiness in our homes has been made clearer.

And our concern for our fellow human beings has never been more of a focus.

2020 just might be the worst best year ever.

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