Children’s television (HLD 299)

16 Jan 2021

I sit here with my oldest grandson on my lap, watching a television show called “Stinky and Dirty”.

It represents the holy trinity for George – it features a rubbish truck, a digger, and its on television. If you want my precious little grandson to sit still to let you drink a coffee or write a daily blog for a couple of minutes, it’s a goldmine.

Please don’t go all armchair critic on me. No I don’t let the kid sit there for hours on end watching the idiot box, be it television, iPad or phone. This is a diversionary tactic to allow something vital to take place.

And there is a wealth of really good educational programs out there in television/video land. We can learn all sorts of colours and letters and numbers. We can sing songs about all sorts of things, and do silly dances.

And we can look at rubbish trucks picking up rubbish.

This child has had a fixation with rubbish trucks for a long time, but his television viewing preferences are fairly broad…pretty much something other than what you want to watch, essentially.

I have had him propped up on my lap in the past watching shows about rubbish trucks that are narrated in Russian. Doesn’t bother him – trucks are trucks.

But some children’s animated shows are not the educational bonus you might be hoping for, in the peace and quiet while you skull your cup of coffee or write rubbish.

One show I watched with him featured a variety of junk foods having exciting adventures – the burger, the packet of hot chips, the donut ….all gadding about and leading exciting lives. Not a carrot or tomato or even a banana in sight.

And there was one we watched on YouTube last week – it featured trucks, so it looked to be a winner. The trucks decided to have a race, which wasn’t so interesting but it was very educational in letting children know how places are awarded. In big lettering across the screen, it showed the truck in “1st” place, the truck in “2nd” place, and the truck in “3nd” place.

The Russian show made more sense 🙂

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