What you see is what you see (HLD 298)

15 Jan 2021

It is not a secret that I like a cup of coffee. I have a nice coffee machine at home that steams the milk as well as producing a very nice cup of coffee. I do enjoy getting a coffee from a cafe, but I am fairly self sufficient in the coffee department.

Every now and then, when pouring my freshly steamed milk into my coffee, I experiment with squiggles. I wouldn’t refer to it as latte art, because it definitely is not a recognisable picture. But I then give myself an amusing minute or so, before the coffee hits the mouth, trying to figure out what the ‘picture’ may be.

Today’s one is quite obviously a small dog playing with something it has recently destroyed – possibly a knitting project. You may look at it and just see squiggles formed on a milky coffee, or maybe you can see something else.

Psychologists and others who have analytical minds might like to analyse why I see a small dog and knitting. All power to you, and feel free, but that’s just what I see.

I suspect that psychology types nowadays will venture away from inkblot tests, and head to coffee squiggles, to determine ‘personality characteristics and emotional functioning’ (according to the internet).

If I’m ever in an art gallery, I tend to make sure that no one I don’t know is around me, when I comment on the pictures. Modern art that comes with a description about what it all means is usually a source of great amusement to me. I like to come up with my own descriptions so have to be very careful that the actual artists, or the artists mother, is not standing behind me.

Psychologists everywhere will most likely instantly disagree with me, but whether it’s a squiggle in coffee, or a very expensive bit of framed paint in an art gallery, there’s nothing else that can be read into my interpretation of what I’m looking at.

I see what I see.

Now….where’s my knitting project?

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