Does size matter? (HLD 292)

9 Jan 2021

We took possession today of a new television. It is well and truly designed in preparation for when we are old people with dodgy vision. Next week. When it comes to television, size does make a difference.

When it comes to cars that you are using to pick up the aforementioned television, size is also important. If this television was pristinely presented in its box lovingly surrounded by polystyrene and plastic, it wouldn’t fit into our car. At all.

Luckily the finance manager managed to score a display model that did not get presented lovingly boxed and supported in polystyrene and plastic. It was much cheaper….and it managed to fit in our car.

But in the normal non-bargain hunting method of television purchasing, the size of the transport vehicle is vitally important.

I bought the adult males in my family each a torch for Christmas. I figured any gift purchased at the hardware shop would be gratefully received. It was a small torch, pocket sized. But MIGHTY powerful. In this instance, the size of the torch is not relevant as long as the size of the light projection is powerful.

Sizes of grandchildren do not correlate to their impact on your lives. Whether the grandchild is an 18kg active toddler, or a tiny newborn, they still have that same impact on me. My back doesn’t suffer so much lugging around the newborn, it must be said.

Sizes of coffee to me are subjective. I’d much prefer a really good regular sized coffee, rather than a too cool and weak large coffee.

The perfect size of your pet dog depends totally on how your dog welcomes you home. If it reacts to seeing you as if you’ve been gone for months, then maybe a smaller dog is better. If you share the bed with your dog, then a smaller dog is also a better option. Unless it’s just you and the dog sharing the bed and you need an extra blanket, in which case a big dog could be quite useful.

If your sporting team wins, does it matter if they just win, or win by a huge margin? A win is a win!

When I asked my husband for advice on this topic, he replied that obviously when it comes to diamonds, size matters. This is obviously a recently formed opinion, as it hasn’t always been the case.

Bathtubs! Size definitely matters when it comes to bathtubs.

So – apart from televisions, diamonds and bathtubs – and without lowering the tone too dramatically… does size matter?

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