Tantrums (HLD 301)

18 Jan 2021

Whether being performed by a 2yo or a politician, tantrums are hard work for the observer.

I was witness today to a full on reaction to me turning off the video Mr 2 had been watching. There had been multiple warnings that the video was going to be turned off but this didn’t make the slightest bit of difference.

Whether a 2yo or a politician, you can’t communicate effectively when they are in full tantrum mode. The appropriate reaction from the parent, grandparent, or voting public, is to wait out the tantrum. To not react, or join in with the dramatics.

You can’t distract a 2yo or a politician with food, a walk to the park, or play dough. If they want to scream and stamp their feet, that’s what they’re gonna do.

You definitely can’t reward that behaviour by giving in and turning the video on, or overturning the results of an election. That is never a good idea.

As the observer of the tantrum, there are a few things that usually take place. The observer initially tries to distract the 2yo or politician from the screaming. Oh look – here’s a truck, or here’s a pretty golf course, are classic attempts.

Humour is always another option – having a little smile at the tantrum thrower and trying to confuse them. It won’t work. 2yo’s and politicians just take this as incentive to ramp up the drama.

Turning your back and letting the screaming run it’s course is ultimately the only effective way of managing the tantrum.

It will finish. They can’t keep going forever. Eventually they need to have a nap.

Advice from the parent of the 2yo was to never actually turn on the video in the first place. Advice from a different voting public would be to not elect a tantrum throwing politician into office.

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