When time stands still (HLD 302)

19 Jan 2021

Sitting in a comfy chair today, for me time stood still.

I was having a cuddle with #2 grandson, ostensibly to ‘help out’ while his mother caught up on a little bit of sleep. Yeh yeh you caught me – I didn’t need much of an excuse to sit comfortably holding this precious little bundle.

Around us, there was noise. There were people talking, buzzers, doors opening and closing. There was cricket on the television, and the noises of the world a constant hum on the background.

But in the little space that consisted of me and the tiny baby resting against my chest, all was quiet. The only noise that I noticed was his breathing. He wriggled and grunted a bit, and just between you and me, there was a fair bit of farting going on. Him, not me.

In that amazingly inclusive duo sharing space, time stood still. Nothing else mattered. There could have been thoughts of things I could or should have been doing, but nothing else mattered.

There are moments in life when you are conscious of time being suspended. It’s either a perfect moment, or a traumatic moment. It could be a visual feast – sunsets or rainbows or lightning storms. Life or death, perfect peace or violent noise.

For me today it was perfect peace.

Apart from the farting.

Can you recall a ‘time stood still’ moment?

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