Perspective (HLD 393)

22 April 2021

I may have mentioned before that my husband is an expert level remote controller. He and the magical little black box have a connection that will likely be the topic of a blog all on its own, one day. The level of mastery and control would be the envy of despots the world over, and the level of care and need to be close to each other (ok – it’s a one sided care, but still…) is the stuff of romance novels.

He has many things he can do with little black box. He knows it all – regular tv channels, Netflix, kayo, prime, YouTube, blah blah blah. There’s heaps more. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea on how to find any one them. Apparently it all revolves around the magical black box – the device that even the best forensics officer could not find my fingerprints on.

Anyway – the other day, while my husband was doing his thing with the magical black box, he happened upon – possibly from YouTube, I have no idea – a video of aerial views of Scotland. It got my attention, because it was just such an amazing view of beautiful scenery. Some of this scenery we have, back in the international travel days, seen from the ground. But seeing it from the air – a birds eye view, as it were – was something else.

It got me thinking about how lucky birds are. They get to have this absolutely amazing vision of the world – the whole time!! But do they appreciate it? No! They are just looking for food and a place to rest. Beautiful mountain and lake? Boring! Interesting mouse? Ooh, yummy!!

It got me thinking, not just about places where I’d love to be a bird, but about things we have as part and parcel of our lives, that when viewed from another perspective, are very different.

I’m so tired, I work such long hours (people who can’t get a job, or who’ve retired and miss the camaraderie of work relationship).

I’m constantly cleaning my house and no sooner have I finished than I need to start again (homeless people, people who have lost their homes to natural disasters).

I have to wait for ages to get my COVID needle (people who have lost loved ones during this pandemic).

Being a grownup means having to think about what to cook for tea every day for the rest of your life (people queueing to get into charities to receive a food parcel to feed their family).

My internet is running slow today (elderly people in nursing homes, with no visitors or connection with the outside world).

My tap water doesn’t taste as good as bottled water (people in Africa walking hours to collect enough water for their family for the day).

Noisy children laughing and playing next door (every child in an unsafe or unhappy home situation).

Having to fill car up with fuel again!!! (People without access to their own transport, waiting on public transport, or walking)

My body and brain are acting really old, my joints hurt, and I can’t remember things that I always knew (every single person anywhere who died at a too young age, without the chance to get old and forgetful).

If only we had a magical black box that could change our perspective sometimes.

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