Recovery (HLD 16)

7 April 2020

Cyclone George hit my house today. We received the full force of the storm for around six hours (three hours, a brief quiet patch of 55min, then another three hours full force). Normally he sleeps for an hour and a half, but obviously today there was too much happening and only 55 min was required.

Yes Cyclone George is my 16 month old grandson, just in case I’ve forgotten to mention him to you. He is at the fully mobile, climbing and investigative stage, where you need to keep your eyeballs on him at all times.

He excels at putting stuff through the doggy door – no mystery there, he’s been doing that for months. He has also worked out how to turn on the washing machine, the dishwasher and the stove. He has discovered a loose drain cover in the back yard that is quite logically a perfect place to store duplo blocks. The loose drain cover is now covered in bricks, but let’s face it – he’s not going to be fooled by that for long.

The dog submits quite patiently to the special George cuddles and pats….for a while, before she slinks away to find somewhere less visible and accessible.

I have, of course, accumulated quite a large collection of toys for him to play with. They get spread throughout the house, and all of us, George included, will at some stage during the day trip over something, swear a bit, then swear again because you realise you shouldn’t be swearing in front of the impressionable infant.

We “Georgeify” the house before his arrival – all the cupboard locks get attached, the stair gate is closed, dog food and water bowl get put on the bench, tv remotes and other priceless objects are all moved off the coffee table, and if I remember in time and can find it, duct tape is applied to the dishwasher and oven control panels (I learned to turn washing machine off at the power point….eventually). Oh and the rubbish bins are either moved up onto the laundry counter, or duct taped shut. Vertical blinds are lifted up out of hide and seek range.

De-Georgeing after he goes home is pretty much all that stuff in reverse, with the added task of putting all the toys away – if you can find them all. And finding the stuff like shoes and hats that you were meant to send home with him but forgot.

It is without doubt, no question, my very very favourite time of the week.


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